What is Proposition A or ‘Right-to-work’?

You may have passed a million and one signs telling you to say “No to Prop A,” but what exactly is “Prop A”? Simply put, this is a bill that targets organizations called ‘unions.’ Unions are groups with the intended purpose of lobbying (or bargaining) with an employer on behalf of the workers. This lobbying on the part of unions could be for things ranging from better wages, improved working conditions, pension negotiations, and/or the support of political candidates that share their ideas.

Currently, Missouri is what you would call a “closed shop” state. A “closed shop” state is one where companies could require you to join the company’s union as a condition of employment. Supporters of Proposition A often point to the potential economic growth it could help produce and also scoff at the idea of being, in their mind, coerced into an agreement with which they are not aligned. Detractors, however, says this bill will impact the workers of Missouri by stripping them of protections that have long been afforded to them because of organized unions.

Biggest Pro: Could spur economic growth by creating new jobs with a slight uptick in wages

Biggest Con: Could leave workers more vulnerable to negatives such as a loss of leverage with employers, which could lead to less competitive salaries, pensions, and so on.

Verdict: I will let you decide what you believe is best for you and your fellow Missourians.

by: Willie Peete, senior

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