You Want a Voice…GO VOTE!


The new school year is approaching and so is a change for your voice to be heard.  According to the census bureau, for the past 20 years voter turnout in the United States has been around 58%-63% of the population.  With only approximately 40%-51% of young voters ages 18 to 29 participating.  Ideally, the voter turnout for the younger American citizenry has always been lower compared to the other age groups, but we have shown increase in recent years.  As college students we should continue to capitalize on our influence pertaining to our most foundational civic duty within our American democracy, voting.

The basic requirements for voting are being registered in your state and having an approved photo ID for Election Day.  If one is aware they will miss the specific day to cast their vote then there are procedures for absentee ballots (a ballot typically mailed in advance for an election by a voter who is unable to be present at the polls).  Let’s first look at some online resources for voter registration, voter registration status, polling locations and more!

This website helps with registering to vote, providing absentee ballot forms, ability to update voter registration status, and electronic updates/reminders on local and national elections.


This website helps with a lot of similar resources as the above mentioned site.  However, one can find out their polling place location. 

Remember, when voting you need a photo ID like: state issued non-drivers license, state issued drivers license, passport, and/or military ID.  Being identifiable at the polling booth within YOUR ASSIGNED JURISDICTION is crucial to successfully providing your voice at the polls. 

If you are a Missouri state resident ShowIt2Vote Hotline 866-868-3245 or are resources that can help provide free pre-approved identification for the purpose of voting.  This is all made possible through the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.

Jay Ross, sophomore, Accounting Major

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