On May 20, 2018, HSSU students Kaylin Dabney (Junior) and Reid Chunn (Senior) opened for U.S. Senator, Claire McCaskill and U.S. Senator, Cory Booker at the Sheet Metal Workers Union (2319 Chouteau Ave).

The event was a Claire McCaskill rally, apart from her continuing statewide tour where the Senator Booker acted as a surrogate by speaking on her behalf. Senator McCaskill is a Democrat from Rolla, MO who has held office since 2006. Her likely Republican counterpart will be Missouri Attorney General, Josh Hawley, a conservative who will most likely appeal to rural Missouri while left-leaning McCaskill will most likely appeal to the urban populations of Missouri.

Missouri is approximately 75% agricultural land with concentrated pockets of population in its two major cities-St. Louis and Kansas City, 472,000 and 316,000 respectively-which together account for approximately 13% of the total population of Missouri. McCaskill has a four point lead at this moment and is projected to be the winner of the election. However, as we all remember the 2016 presidential election, we cannot rely solely on projections and predictions. We must come out and vote to ensure that the leader we want takes elected.

This opportunity highlights the versatility of Harris-Stowe State University students. It shows how the administration strives to show not only St. Louis or Missouri, but the nation, that our students are polished, and our university is competitive and adaptable on any front.

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