Static Motion

by Willie D. Peete

We spoke at length today about the universe and what all of this really means.

These speculative discussions are always of interest to me but they, almost without failure, end in a torrent of frustration.

The idea of never knowing tends to bother me, it is perhaps one of the most intrinsically disappointing realities of our existence. But it was towards the end of this particular conversation, that brought me the clarity that I long sought after. During a brief respite from this enthused dialogue, I surveyed the dilation of your pupils and the subtle changes in the shading of your iris, at that moment I realized why my obsessing was for naught. For I was staring into the only universe that mattered.

Allowing the light within me to be consumed by this expanding black hole that was both intriguing and daunting; I wondered where this path would lead me.

It is only speculation at this juncture though, because the universe does not reveal its secrets with haste. It is untrusting but more so it is self-preserving. It is patient and it is infinite in its wisdom and beauty.

The unknown has become a flame and I am it’s moth, drawn to it despite the doom it’ll inevitably bring me. But as the adage goes, nothing lasts forever, and I do not expect us to be the exception.

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