THE HARRIS-STOWE TEAM PLACED 2ND THIS YEAR AT THE HONDA CAMPUS ALL-STAR REGIONAL TOURNAMENT. Honda Campus All-Star Challenge was created by the Honda Motor Corporation (the same company that makes the Civic, Accord, and Pilot) in 1989 “to showcase the academic excellence of HBCU students. Honda established the program to support HBCUs because of their unique and critical role in higher education, helping millions of students achieve their dreams. That aligns with Honda’s guiding philosophy, “The Power of Dreams.” – official HCASC website.

This year’s team is comprised of three returners, Sterling Burton; Jordan Barrett-Elder; and Reid Chunn, plus a new comer phenom, Mayla Ayers. Each team member spends two hours a week individually going over there special area (Sports, Geography, Religion, Poli-Sci….etc) and four hours collectively to scrimmage on Sundays. Each member is responsible for particular areas but need to have minimum knowledge in most others (e.g. main category: sports; secondaries: literature, poli-sci, art).

There are three tournaments in the HCASC tournament schedule.

First are the school-wide tournaments which are how the teams are assimilated. Coaches this year had the option of hosting an intramural-like tournament where prospective students get to compete against each other openly, similar to Jeopardy gameplay; or coaches could distribute multiple choice quizzes to prospective students that they would fill out and then return to the coach to be evaluated. The Harris-Stowe HCASC coach is Dr. Eileen O’Brien, faculty emeritus, Ph. D. in Psychology.

The second tournament (National Qualifying Tournament- NQT) varies in regional hosts, this year it was held here at the Stowe but last year it was at Oakwood University, Huntsville, Al. losing only to last year’s national champions, Oakwood University.

Lastly, the National Championship Tournament (NCT). The NCT is setup similar to its predecessors, except with flair thrown in excessively. All teams who go receive all expense paid trip to Torrance, California (location of the Honda Headquarters); flight, breakfast, lunch, dinner, DisneyLand (with gift card), tour of the Honda Motors Corporation headquarters, and opportunities to intern at Honda. Teams who arrive receive $3,000 in grants that can be used to expand the HCASC program at their respective schools or as scholarships for the team members. The team which wins the entire tournament gets a $75,000 grant, second place gets $50,000, and those who were in the quarter finals receive $20,000….each.

HCASC exhibits some of the best and brightest students that attend HBCU’s. Team members gain a deeper knowledge of how the information that they already know and it is linked together with concepts they may not be familiar with.


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