Tips on Investing Your Refund Check

Students, when you get your student refund check, make sure you make that money work for you!

  • Invest it into your future. For example, open up a IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or savings account for yourself. Invest in at least one stock investment (ask for guidance on this before just investing blindly).
  • Pay off or down any existing credit card bill. Keep your credit card balance around 30% of the total balance.
  • Guys and ladies, invest in at least one nice suit for interviews, professional occasions, networking events, etc. Remember, first impressions are VERY IMPORTANT AND CAN LAST FOREVER!
  • Invest in 1-2 books: one for your personal development and one for your professional development. Check out Powernomics by Dr. Claude Anderson and Financial Lovemaking by Dr. Boyce Watkins.

These are just a few tips on ways to INVEST IN YOURSELF. Remember ALWAYS BET ON YOURSELF! LETS GET IT!

Until the next article, take care and keep up the great work! #MRNETWORKAPPROVED

written by: Denale Powell, Graphic Designer, Harris-Stowe

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Harris-Stowe State University's student news site.

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