Another emotionally driven masterpiece, Kevin stays true to his style and delivers another classic to his audience.

Titles such as Jus Wanna and No Love show a harmonic effect which Gates has perfected to great result. One of the most impressive things about the album is the storytelling. In particular, Jus Wanna is one of the greatest childhood love stories I have ever heard. It was crafted with love being its central theme. There is also the innocence associated with kids being naïve enough to help his “Papi crush coco leaves.” It truly invites you into the moment and you get a glimpse of the artist’s passion toward his love.

Kevin does not withdraw his love of a woman’s design and makes it obvious he’s not just trying to look. Just Wanna transports you to the villas and alleyways of Latin America, a common theme throughout the song. Gates actually speaks Spanish, which to any Gates fan is nothing new in his music. He continues to vent his frustration with the world and what he has encountered throughout his life.

Listening to this album will swing you in multiple directions emotionally. The artistry of the instrumentals is something to be highly noted. The instrumentals are like a genre all their own, but still true to the artist’s flow. It’s certainly hip-hop with his lyrics but the “Trap” genre does not seem to be the main sound of this album, which is so typical of Hip Hop artists currently in the mainstream. This genre is delivered in full with his song uniquely titled Mcgyver. This means Gates has tailored some songs to what the mainstream wants while staying true to his storytelling.

Overall this album is something to explore in depth because of the sophistication of the artist. You will not be disappointed, fan or not.

written by: Donnell Wilson Jr., student

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