GIRLS NIGHT IN: Miss HSSU’s Make-up, Mindset and Motivation

by Catherine Smith


Miss Harris-Stowe’s Makeup Mindset & Motivation event this past Friday was something us ladies had to attend for sure! Ladies from all over campus, of different grade levels came together to do what we women do best: MAKE UP, GIRL TALK & HAVE FUN!!

Jaylia Washington, known around campus as Miss Harris-Stowe State University, put together an activity all of the ladies could participate in, and, indeed everyone did!

There was a questionnaire with questions anonymously created by the audience and a talent contest with prizes from MAC! Yes, ladies M-A-C!

Then, of course, there were make-up lessons! The vibes were positive and the room was full of laughs. The energy in the room was amazing and seeing that it is possible for young women to come together for an awesome event and interact is an amazing thing. It’s safe to say that this event was a huge success. This event was a dope idea, and I look forward to what Miss Harris-Stowe has in store for us!

You go Jaylia!

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