Benefits of a Daily Skin Routine

As college students, I realize that we are all busy and don’t have much interest in adding any more things on our “To-Do List”. Hear me out though.

A good skin routine is a MUST-HAVE when it comes to our beauty routine. Most of us like a good face beat, right? But, we fall short when it comes to taking care of our skin underneath the facial slay.

Here’s the layout we should all incorporate to have a beat face by day, and a fresh face all times in between:


You’ll need a good cleanser (oil free cleanser if you are like me and have oily skin), toner, moisturizer, cotton balls or cotton pads


Make-up remover to wipe off the slayage; cleanser, retinol eye cream (YES! It’s best to start in our 20’s!); nutrient rich moisturizer


Exfoliate (St. Ives is really good and pocket friendly); face mask (mud, charcoal, mint are all good)


Clean make-up brushes and sponges!!!!


Drink PLENTY of water, take multi-vitamins, lip balm those lips, 8 hours of sleep, avoid scorching showers

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