Caughy My Significant Other Cheating: What Now?

“You said, I love you, And I said it too. The only difference is that I didn’t lie to you.”

“If you’re going to cheat you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship. Grow up and treat people like people instead of tools in your selfish ego workshop.”

We’ve all been there. Either the cheated on or the cheater. It’s devastating and can throw you off your game and handling your priorities.

My advice is to communicate with your partner. Communication is key and if there is a significant amount of time that has been put into this relationship, see if it is fixable. Many times people cheat because they are lacking something in their committed relationship.

Ever heard of the 80/20 concept? The main relationship is the 80%, but, that other 20% that they’re missing is seen in the arms of another. The 20% is tempting because it’s something they don’t get so they risk the 80% for the 20% and mess up a good thing. When in reality, they should have talked it out and informed the 80% what they feel like they’re missing so it can be incorporated and become a complete 100%.

People make mistakes. BUT, if it’s a recurring thing and you know you’ve made sacrifices for the other, then leave. They don’t appreciate it and aren’t willing to be an adult and we all deserve more in love. If you are sad more than happy…. then voice it. If nothing changes after a reasonable amount of time…. then leave.

Most important thing. If you decide to leave, also leave the baggage. Don’t take the feelings and heartache from that relationship and let it taint your next one.

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